Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dogge Days of Summer

The past weeks have been weeks of unpacking and getting used to my new train commute, and we are still getting into the swing of things.  The pets seem to be handling the transition quite well on the whole.

Or in Dorothy's case, I think she is handling the transition well.  To be honest, for the past nine days I have not seen much of her.  As I had oft suspected, Dorothy is a one-person dogge, and that person is – alas! – not me.  I don’t see much of Dorothy these days because she is too busy following her father around to pay me any mind.  She is Robin to his Batman, and thus has to be within a few feet of his person at all times.  Oh well!  I do get a few Dorothy cuddles in at night, but that is because she is basically still sharing my side of the bed so as not to disturb Her Master.

She really seems to like the new house though.  We had a few days where we could not get her to eat much, which I think was a combination of her eating too much grass in the yard, and not liking her new kibble.  We're still in the process of finding the right food for Dorothy, who seems to have a lot of allergies.  We've gone from Taste of the Wild to California Natural to Merrick's BG to now Earthborn Holistic Meadow Feast.  Hopefully she will like the Earthborn, and more importantly, the Earthborn will like her.

Dorothy is a little unsure of what to make of the suburbs when she goes on her walk—she’s not sure where she is allowed to do her business (where’s all the pavement?!), and I think she misses all the admirers she’d meet on a city walk.

Here she is having plunked down ungracefully on the living room floor in what has become her characteristic pose:  front paws like she is swimming the breast stroke, back right leg bent forward underneath, back left leg heading south.

Dorothy thinking, I've fallen and I can't' get up!

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