Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cats In House

Plum and Posy are very much enjoying their new space.  While Plum is claiming primary spots – he likes to lie on the cool tiles of the foyer, and on the comfy mat right underfoot in the kitchen – Posy seems particularly fond of the attic and basement.  

Here is Plum artfully blending into the foyer tiles:

I'm beginning to think the central air I had in my apartment wasn't as enjoyable for my cats as it was for me, since they seem to enjoy being in the hottest areas of the house.  The first few days we were at the house, in fact, Posy could almost always be found upstairs in the attic rolling around on the carpet in the hot sun.  We’ve had to close the attic off now that it is in the high nineties, so after a bit of yowling by the attic door, to no avail, Posy decided she’d take the opposite approach and found herself a comfy spot on a bag of miracle gro in the basement.  My complaint about this spot is that when she does venture upstairs again, she smells awfully musty.

A few days ago I went to get something in my closet, and found Plum colonizing an empty shelf there:

It's not really the spot I would have chosen on a hundred degree day, but each to his own.  A little later I found him curled up behind the toilet, and then curled up on a shelf in the bathroom.

The pleasure of new spots to catnap!

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elisabeth said...

Our cats do the same thing! They find the hottest possible place to sleep. My closet is very popular too (it's tucked into the eaves and gets very hot), but my cats aren't polite enough to sleep on the empty shelf. They open drawers and get right in my clothes. SIGH.