Thursday, August 11, 2011

Finders Keepers

Last weekend Dorothy found a soccer ball in the park.  While we looked around to see if it belonged to anyone, Dorothy was all finders-keepers:  she figured out how to get her mouth around it, and then made a bee-line towards home.  It was the first time ever that she walked back from the park quickly, and in front of me at the end of the leash!  Except for the fact that she was trying to go home as the crow flies, diagonally, through traffic, it was one of the most enjoyable walks I have ever had with Dorothy.  She held her head high so that the soccer ball wouldn’t touch the ground, and seemed very proud with her find.

Eventually, the soccer ball was deflated by Dorothy’s sharp teeth, but she sure had fun with it while it lasted.  Dare I say she bent it like Beckham?

Don't even think about touching this ball!

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