Sunday, August 7, 2011

Feeding the Squirrels?

Someone on our block feeds a squirrel who lives in a large oak tree.  Each morning when we walk past the tree we see peanuts in the shell scattered about, and on occasion I’ve even seen the squirrel carrying the peanuts up the tree.

Now I know for songbird fans, squirrels can be the scourge of the earth, but I am always rather glad that someone is looking out for the squirrels in my neighborhood, especially since they are very skinny squirrels, and probably have to compete with the Philadelphia rats for their nuts and garbage.  They always look on the verge of famine, so I’m sure they appreciate the occasional protein-packed peanut. 

The other day, however, the squirrel feeder got fancy and scattered some pieces of sesame candy alongside the nuts.  Guess who gobbled up a piece of this sesame candy?  Need more time to think?  [La, la, la….]  Yes, you’re right!  Dorothy!

She ate a piece of sesame candy, and she liked it muchly.  So now can we pass by the tree like a normal girl and dog?  No we cannot.  The four-legged one of us has to frantically start searching the ground for candy as the two-legged one of us has to pull with all her might on the leash to get her away from the Tree of Treats.

How about we stick to scattering peanuts from here on in, squirrel lover?  It would be much appreciated!

Dorothy, wondering why is it wrong to eat the sesame candy?

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