Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Fork and a Fever

We had the Rolling Stone issue with Trump, Cruz, and Rubio on the cover in cartoon, and Owen became very curious about it.  Donald Trump was sketched carrying a pitchfork, and so Owen immediately pegged him as a Bad Guy, and then started referring to him as Dump The Trump.  When the TV was on the other day and Trump was being interviewed, Owen watched it quizzically for a while and then turned and asked us, “But where is his fork?”  We had to explain that he didn’t always carry the pitchfork in real life.  Just sometimes.  J

Owen caught a cold at the end of last week and was fine on Saturday, but then Sunday had a fever – which was really only his second experience feeling feverish.  Let’s just say it is not a feeling Owen enjoys.  He spent from 8 to 4 shrieking and wanting to be held and refusing to be put down.  I’d be holding and hugging him and he was still screaming for a “Mommy hug,” poor fellow.  We finally gave him a little tylenol and at 4 he was able to concentrate on something other than his own discomfort.  After missing two days of school, he went back today, and hopefully all was well.  He only has another day left before he is on Easter break for a week and a half. 

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