Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Weekend

Despite the fact that Owen had a cold this weekend, we thoroughly enjoyed our first weekend of really great Spring weather!  It was in the high sixties with a blue sky – and I really think this is the first time we have had two days in a row of blue sky since December.  Since there are no mosquitoes yet, we were able to spend hours on the porch playing with trains:

And Owen also did a good job “helping” with yard work:

Sean worked non-stop raking our front and back yards, and cutting ivy off trees at my request (I hate seeing trees choked by ivy, and our area has both ivy and some other pernicious vine which chokes every plant it can reach).  He also built a planter for our front porch (from scratch! He’s handy!), and we went to Lowes and got some pansies and violas for it.  Owen was very excited about the whole process, although I had to work hard to keep his helping from hindering:  his idea of helping to plant the flowers tended to be to pick them and then try to stick their stems in the dirt.

I am liking Owen’s current age of 2 ½ though – he talks non-stop and says hilarious things.  Although because of his cold half of what he said this weekend was “Can I have a boogie wipe?” (a genius invention of a wet tissue), and then “Thank you” when I was done wiping his nose.

We finished up his swimming classes on Saturday too, and signed up for the next session.  Despite his continuing proclamations of the locker room being a “terrible mess!”, he very much enjoys going to the pool each week.  He likes to jump in and wall-walk, and is beginning to participate in everything except for floating on his back.  When I try to get him on his back, his legs pop up at a 90-degree angle.  We are working on it!  We also sing songs in the pool and do swimming things along with the songs, and Owen will put in a request for “Wheels on the Bus”.

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