Friday, November 7, 2014

Owen Flotsam

Owen is very polite these days when he wants to be.  He almost always answers “Yes, please, Mommy” or “No thank you, Mommy” – and this is all thanks to Susan, with perhaps a bit of Peppa Pig thrown in.  I noticed the other day that he is not averse to needling me about my own manners, and if he gives me a toy to hold and I don’t say anything, he will supply the proper words for me and say, “Thank you, O-Wen!”  Repeatedly.  Until I get the hint and say it myself.

He still is a very picky eater and eats next to nothing except fruit, yogurt, and pretzels.  The other day Sean was cooking some hotdogs though and for unknown reasons this made quite an impression on Owen.  He insisted on being in the kitchen with Sean, and keeping up a constant narrative about how Daddy was cooking hot-dogs.  And then he ate a hotdog and a bun!  Separately, but still!  Not that a hotdog is a healthy foodstuff, but at this point anything that isn’t fruit or a snack food seems like a minor victory.  Owen continued to talk of how Daddy cooked hotdogs for a good four or five days after the fancy feast.

Owen spoke with “Ghee and Pa” via Facetime the other day for the first time, and it was a big hit.  Of course this brought up the whole Pa dropping his fork episode from the summer, and I had to listen to many recitals of this tale of woe after the call.  Owen will also tell a similar tale about himself, usually right after he has put something he shouldn’t have into Dorothy’s waterdish.  After I scold him, he will then proceed to hit his head with his hand and say, “Oh no!  Owen dropped _____ into the waterdish!”  Sigh.  I look forward to when Owen can walk past the pets' waterdish without feeling compelled to drop something in it....

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