Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dorothy Phelps

Dorothy was very pleased to return to Maine, her birth state.  Even though it had been two years since her last visit, due to the arrival of Owen last summer, Dorothy recognized my parents' house and yard and immediately felt at home there.

On the drive up to Maine, Dorothy rode shotgun and was an absolute angel in the car.  She no longer gets carsick and is very relaxed throughout a car trip.  Here she is looking at me and dozing as I sat next to the tiny tyrant in the backseat:

When I awoke the morning of our first full day there, I heard the sound of tennis ball and running bulldogge out the window, and looked out to see Dorothy and her Dad enjoying my parents' beautiful back yard.  Dorothy spent many moments of each day chasing balls in the yard.  It's a bulldogge pastoral!

And then she would come inside and rest on the porch, enjoying the Maine breezes.

A girl gets tired out from all that running!  Luckily her Aunt Nellie doesn't mind sharing her beds:

Dorothy's big moment this vacation was when she went for a swim in the Pemaquid River!  We had long suspected that she might enjoy the water, but had never had a chance to try it out.  One afternoon we walked down to the river from my parents' house and decided to see what Dorothy would do.  At first she wasn't sure what her Dad was asking of her.  She wanted to get to the tennis ball, but it was out of her reach!  What should she do?!

Sean kept giving her encouragement and calling her forward and all of a sudden she took a step into the deeper water and her legs began to paddle.  And paddle and paddle!  She began to swim in little circles around her father, quite pleased with herself.  She got the ball, and eventually was confident enough to try to attack the splashes that she was making with her very own feet.

Good girl, Dorothy!  She is quite the athlete.

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