Monday, May 15, 2017

Owen's Bed

Here is a picture of Owen’s new bed!  The bedspread is my sister, Meredith’s college bedspread (and thus a million years old J), and the pillows are handmade by my sister, Martha!  The fabric pleases me – camping scenes and ogling clams – how could it not?

We put off getting a bed for him for way too long, mainly because, let’s face it, he doesn’t spend more than a few hours each night in said bed, so it didn’t seem urgent.  He was sleeping in the converted crib – basically a crib with one side removed – but eventually that got too small to contain comfortable blankets and a pillow.

The posters and artwork, such as it is, are still situated from when the dresser was where the bed is now, and we have yet to change the positioning, as you can see.  Owen is a big fan of hanging up his own artwork, and he has strong opinions as to what should go where.

I told him I will make the bed for him in the mornings until he turns five, and then it will be one of his jobs.

I have noticed now that when Owen leaves his bed and joins us in the night, then Posy will often go into Owen’s room and use his bed.  Smart kitty.  Plum also has recently discovered that there is a good view from Owen's bed.  At least someone is getting good use out of it!

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Elisabeth Ellington said...

Fergus has begun to pee all over the house to mark his territory from the many ferals that hang out in our yard (maybe because I feed them in the garage???) so we have to leave T's room closed for now, but when it's open, there's a mad dash of cat to claim his bed. It's dark and quiet and cozy up there during the day, and Puck and Frances can happily sleep for hours. It's always weird to me where cats choose to hang out. Several of ours seems to prefer dark caves to sunny bright spaces.