Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Back To School

Owen started his 4-Day 4’s class this week, after attending orientation last week.  Here he is before attending orientation:

His class is in the mornings Monday through Thursday, and he seems to have a very nice and very organized teacher!  He also has seven out of twenty kids in the class who were in his class last year, so there are many familiar faces.  Next week we have to bring in 6 red delicious (ugh) apples for Fruit & Veggie Tuesday (it actually has a name that is more clever than that, but I can’t remember it.)  Anyway on Tuesdays one child will bring in assigned fruit or veggies and then as a class they will learn about the fruit/veggie and learn how to prepare it.  I’m hoping this will get Owen to eat vegetables!  My only success so far has been with the occasional sugar snap pea.

They are also focusing on one letter per week, and this week of course it is A.  Owen is just beginning to be interested in trying to write his letters, and he was very, very proud of these two A’s he wrote:

After those two, however, he started going down up instead of up down, so his A’s were like little sleeping vampire bats.  After writing two upside-down A’s he said, “womp, womp.”  I laughed and asked him where he had learned to say that?  And he told me, “Womp womp is what you say when you make a mistake, Mom.”  Indeed.

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