Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Nursery School Valentine's Day

A few weeks ago I realized I needed to make a decision regarding Owen’s valentines.  His nursery school class was having a Valentine’s Day party early on the 10th, and I was thinking maybe I should get some red construction paper and some doilies and set to crafting some masterpieces.  But then I remembered that Susan, my sister-in-law and Owen’s beloved Nanny, is a talented craftster, and her expertise lies in making cards and stationery.  So why start cutting doilies while leaving this resource untapped?!  I asked Susan if she had ideas for valentine’s cards for Owen, and she did.  She and Owen made 15 of these:

And each had its own little handmade envelope with a heart on the back:

Owen’s teacher had asked us to NOT put names on the cards so that the three year-olds could hand out the cards themselves, which made sense.

Owen came back with a handmade bag filled with cards, and also necklaces for me and for Nanny.

On Saturday I had Owen come upstairs with me so that he could sign a card I had gotten for him to give to Sean.  He had already done this with Sean for me, so I didn’t even need to tell him what to do.  He grabbed the pen and started writing vigorously while saying, as if he were sounding it out, “To…Daddy…I…love…you…with…all…my…heart!  Love…Owen” (pen scribbling and then ending in the air with a flourish).  Alrighty then.

He enjoyed opening up his cards and candy and a book from my parents on Sunday morning, and started right in with his jank joos when he saw the display on the table.

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