Tuesday, September 15, 2015

3-Day 3's

Owen started nursery school yesterday and we were all excited!  He is in the “3 day 3’s” class, so goes three mornings per week.  On Friday Sean, Owen and I went for orientation to meet his teachers and see his classroom.  I had talked up the fact that he would have new teachers and a new classroom, so he didn’t seem unduly put out by the changes.

Owen immediately started playing with the kitchen set, and then the trains, and except for one moment when he asked us if we can “move that girl” who had joined him at the stove, everything went quite well.  Sean and I folded ourselves into the tiny seats and listened to the teacher explain the schedule.

They play outside daily, weather permitting, and do an art project and have story time.  On Fridays they have music class and they also have a lot of field trips come to them, instead of them going on the field trips.

I was very pleased with the teacher and the room, and also pleased that out of the 15 kids in the class, 7 have July and August birthdays, so are around Owen’s exact age (I was a bit worried he’d be the youngest).  There are also 8 boys this year, in contrast to last year when there were 2.  I think Owen really enjoys being around his peers, and he needs the practice! 

Susan brought him to school on Monday and reported that he left her without a glance back and made a beeline to the toys.  And so it begins!

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