Saturday, June 27, 2015

June Adventures

We have been busy this month – or at least three-sixths of us have.  Some of us have been lying in sinks and on beds, or draped upside down upon couches, only leaving to bark at the mailman, or roll about in attics.

And we have had Saturday adventures!  In the beginning of June we went to the June Fete held by Abington Hospital.  Owen was old and tall enough to go on many of the rides, and although I wasn’t sure if he’d like the ones that he had to go on by himself, it turns out he did!

Then one week we went to check out a castle playground we had been told we would like.  And it was fun, except for one panicky moment when Sean and Owen were brave and unclaustrophobic enough to go down a windy enclosed four-story slide, whereas I decided to retrace my steps and couldn’t find an exit from the castle for a while.

Then last Saturday they had a Touch A Truck event in the parking lot of the library – which was really quite a brilliant idea.  We went early so we could stock up on new library books first, and then we joined the hordes of 2 year-olds waiting mostly quite patiently in line to sit in a truck and honk the horn.  They had a nice variety of large trucks too – Fire, Cement, Dump, Digger, Army, Police, Ambulance, etc. – plus  a 1950’s Ford which Sean longed for.

And this Saturday is supposed to be rainy so our adventures will have to be of the indoor variety!...

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