Thursday, March 19, 2015

Plum Dumbledore's Rampages

Almost two months have passed since Plum got all his teeth removed during his dental surgery.  He is all healed, but we have definitely been experiencing a few bumps in the road.  Or puddles, I should say.  The vet had thought that maybe Plum’s forays outside of the box had been due to mouth pain, and that after his surgery he wouldn’t need his calming meds.  Sadly, this has turned out not to be the case.  Now that Plum feels better, he apparently feels even more better being a jerk to Posy and peeing in our recycling area and kitchen.  It is annoying.  I’ve been trying to slip his meds back in his food, but tiny though they are (1/4 of a small pill), he must smell it in the food, and of course will have nothing to do with the food once the pill is there.  I’m going to have to get pill pockets again and hope that he can gum them.

I'm naughty!

Since Plum’s surgery we’ve been feeding both cats canned food and no dry, since Plum can no longer chew it.  The one problem with this is that one or the other cat now coughs up a hairball nightly.  I need to up the amount of cat brushing I do.

On the positive side, ever since his recovery from the surgery, Plum has become a lap cat, which he never was before.  In the evenings when I sit on the couch, he is right there ready to climb on my lap and snuggle.  I assume that pain must have kept him more solitary before?  At any rate, it is rather nice, although Posy would beg to differ, since my lap previously was available to her if she wanted it.

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Elisabeth Ellington said...

Plum always looks like a ten-pounder until there's a photo of him next to Posy. He's so handsome!