Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dorothy Gets Better: Fingers Crossed

Dorothy has been having some more laser treatments and her knee seems to be improving.  We also have put up chicken wire so that she temporarily can only use a tiny few feet of the yard.  This depresses her, but it does seem to be allowing her knee to heal, so we will keep up the wire for a bit longer.

The other day a neighbor stopped by when Sean was outside and asked if Dorothy would enlist in a neighborhood watch program run by the police.  I don’t know all the details yet, but it will involve Sean and Dorothy going to a class, and Dorothy getting a bandanna, and Sean a t-shirt, and patrolling the block on occasion!  Tee hee.  Dorothy is going to love that!  She can simultaneous look spiffy and keep an eye out for danger—it’s the perfect task for Miss D.  I shall of course take pictures when the excursions begin.

Dorothy, not watching much of anything 
except for the backs of her own eyelids.

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