Monday, May 5, 2014

Cats On a Hot Porch Table

We have a “four season” sunporch, but I use quotation marks there because the porch is really only habitable in winter and summer if the built-in heater/air conditioner is turned on, and although it seems to heat and cool the room quickly, we can’t help but feel like we are also heating and cooling our back yard with the same unit…and that is not really cost effective.  So on sunny days in the winter, and on cooler days in the summer it is a comfy room to inhabit, but in general it is a fall and spring kind of place.

In the afternoons, when the sun pushes the temperature into the sixties, we’ve been opening the windows and enjoying the room, and whereas Dorothy and Owen are always game to go in there no matter what the weather, now that it is temperate, Plum and occasionally Posy will use the room as well.

Here is a picture of Plum reclining on the scratch pad next to my bin of birdseed.  He likes to watch the birds at the feeder and widen his eyes at the particularly juicy specimens.  Occasionally he’s been on the verge of spending the night locked out there, but I have noted his absence during my evening headcount and rescued him before he realizes he has no access to the litter box or food and starts to complain.

Posy too will come out to see what is going on.  They both seem to like it when the windows are open and they can sniff the breezes.


Plum will curl up on the couch and go to sleep, which is rather brave of him since Owen will walk up and pet him and then start touching his nose and whiskers and laughing.  Luckily for Owen’s tender limbs, Plum is still being very gentlemanly towards Owen, and an all-around good sport.  What Owen likes best is to join Sean in calling Plum with a “psss psss psss” and then laughing when Plum meows.  Apparently Plum’s a real borscht belt comedian for a twenty-month old's sense of humor.

Plum thinking, take my wife, please!

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Judith Ross said...

I have missed too many of these mostly hilarious posts! I am now following you on Bloglovin so problem fixed! In the meantime, a word of warning re: Owen and the cats. Even a pair of toddler scissors are capable of giving a kitty's whiskers a trim. I know this from experience. Said cat went through months of low self-esteem post "hair cut."