Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh, Dorothy! Walkies?!

Picture the scene:  it's a glorious October day.  In the eighties, it's a bit too hot for some, including myself, but the sky is a clear blue, the humidity is low, the leaves still green and on the trees.  (There's a certain glumness in the air if you're a Philadelphia sports fan, but what can you do?  At least the Yankees are out, too.)

I walk home at lunch with plans to take my pup out for a walk around the block, so that she can stretch her pretty legs.  And she will be -- I know -- so excited, so eager, so chomping at the bit for our excursion!

I open the door to her crate carefully, so that I won't be bowled over by her enthusiastic exit!

Um, Dorothy?

Don't you want to go out on a walk?

Aren't you ready and eager to greet your admirers?
To do your biz-ness?
To get a bit o' exercise?

No?  Well then how about if I get out a treat and hold it towards you?

Two treats?

Dorothy, you drive a hard bargain.

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